For Immediate Release: May 3, 2019

Contact: Joshua Harris 443.939.2043

Prince George’s County, MD: On the heels of a record investment in education by the Maryland State Legislature, and an Occupy County Council action by educators,  the Prince George’s County Educators Association has joined a coalition of progressive grassroots organizations to form “The Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools”. The coalition includes PGCEA, CASA Maryland, Progressive Maryland, NAACP, and the Parent Community Advisory Board. The coalition unites around 9 key pillars listed below. Members of the coalition released the following statements:

“We are excited to join this coalition because our schools belong to all of us: the students who learn in them, the parents who support them, the educators and staff who work in them and the communities that they anchor,”said PGCEA President Theresa Mitchell Dudley. “When we invest in our public schools we are investing in our community, our children and ultimately in the growth and improvement of Prince George’s County.”

“We are uniting with organizations, advocates and everyday citizens because we know that making an investment and commitment to public schools and education in Prince George’s County is about making an investment in our youth, our communities and the future of our county and state,” explained Larry Stafford executive director of Progressive Maryland.“Together we will ensure the best possible outcomes for our students, our educators and our communities. The Alliance to Reclaim our Schools is committed to fighting for outstanding, accessible, equitable public education for all, always, in Prince Georges County.”

The Maryland constitution mandates that every child in the state be provided with a quality public education,”says CASA De Maryland Director Maritza Solano. “This is about us making a commitment to ensure that our public tax dollars are being appropriately invested to ensure world class public schools in Prince George’s County and we are excited to join this coalition.”

More about Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools (AROS) Prince George’s County

The coalition is united around 9 core pillars:

  1. We are parents and caregivers, students and community members. We are educators and school staff.
  2. Public schools are public institutions.
  3. Our voices matter.
  4. Strong public schools create strong communities.
  5. Assessments should be used to improve instruction.
  6. Quality teaching must be delivered by committed, respected and supported educators.
  7. Schools must be welcoming and respectful places for all.
  8. Our schools must be fully funded for success and equity.
  9. CALL TO ACTION: Together, we will work to make this vision of public education in Prince George’s County a reality.

If you would like to more information or to request an interview with PGCEA President Theresa Dudley, contact Joshua Harris

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