How we work together

Note: these principles agree built on the Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing, adopted by participants in the Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice at their Working Group Meeting on Globalization and Trade in 1996.

Be Inclusive

If we hope to achieve just educational institutions that include all stakeholders in decision-making and
assure that all children, educators and caretakers have an equitable share of educational and support resources, then we must work to build that kind of inclusiveness into our own coalition.

Emphasize Bottom-Up Organizing

To succeed, it is important to reach out into new constituencies, and to reach within all levels of leadership and membership bases of the organizations that are already involved in our networks. We must be continually building and strengthening a base which provides our credibility, our strategies, mobilizations, leadership development.

Let People Speak for Themselves

We must be sure that relevant voices of people directly affected are heard. Ways must be provided for spokespersons to represent and be responsible to the affected constituencies. It is important for organizations to clarify their roles, and who they represent, and to assure accountability within our structures.

Work Together in Solidarity and Mutuality

Groups working on similar issues with compatible visions should consciously act in solidarity, mutuality and support each other’s work.

Build Just Relationships Among Ourselves

We need to treat each other with justice and respect, both on an individual and an organizational level, in this country and across borders.

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